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It's summer break in New Zealand

I'll be back after a creative break on 16th January 2023. I'll still be checking my emails but it may take me a few days to get back to you. I'm currently booking projects starting mid February 2023. 

Don’t put up with a blah website and dreary emails

Grow Your Business With Words That Connect And Sell

All you want is to make the most of opportunities to grow your business

+ But the words on your website and emails are letting you down

You know what you want to say but keep getting lost in the jumble words in your head.

The result? A blah website and dreary emails that stop you from building the brand you dream of. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could find the right words to show people how amazing your business is?


"I'm not good at words! I was hoping saving the time, energy, frustration would be worth the investment to outsource so I can focus on what I am good at. I was right. I'm so glad I did it."

~ Alyssa Broadwater,Alyssa Broadwater RD

Hi, I'm Katrina.

I get that finding the right words to market your business and spread your message can be challenging.

It’s frustrating. Especially when we see others nailing their messaging, and  their followers growing.

But having the right words can connect with your dream clients, take full advantage of opportunities that come your way and achieve the growth you're looking for.

Imagine how great your website could be, with a conversion copywriter on your side!

Stand out and book more clients with copywriting that connects and converts

1. Chat With Kat

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2. Find The Right Words

I'll get to work writing your brand message, website and emails that connect and convert.

3. Celebrate In Style

Grow the business you dream of without struggling to find the right words. 

Not sure how well your website's connecting?

Get inside my head (it’s not all filled with coffee and cats!) and see your website through the eyes of an experienced SEO and conversion copywriter.

  • Discover how well your website is connecting with your clients so you can see where people are losing focus.
  • Create an action plan with #protips to convert more sales.
  • Access extra goodies that show you the impact conversion copy could make to your website (and your biz life).

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