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Get found by Google and in front of your dream clients

Build your authority and SEO with blogs

Many small business owners want to feel confident that they're making the most of their business blog. 

They're fearful that they're wasting their precious time for little reward. 

You don't need to be scared off by the thought of blogging for your business. 

And your business deserves a blog that works hard to connect with your tribe.

Writing blogs was really holding us back from getting visible in our business. We were worried about 'getting it right' and struggled to find what to write about, even though we were buzzing to share our business with the world! It all felt overwhelming, so we just put off writing them! Katrina helped us get over ourselves, clear up confusion and reduce that feeling of overwhelm!


Many business owners get stressed about blogging for their business.

This 2-hour Zoom workshop allows you to take time out of your busy day to plan in detail your next three to six months of blogs.

As a blog writer and editor, I've taught workshops, online courses and tutored businesses one-on-one to become confident in their blogging abilities.

Helping them take advantage of the SEO and engagement benefits that a well-delivered blog can bring to their business.

I want to know what to blog about!

  • 120-minute Zoom call
  • Brand message
  • Brand talking points
  • Clear goals for your blog to achieve
  • Personalised blog content calendar for 3 months (minimum) - titles and topics
  • FREE BONUS access to the Confident Business Blogger online course

The investment
NZ$ 950 + GST

(GST only applied for New Zealand businesses)

Blog editing and coaching

You've got your plan. But blog writing always seems to take forever. And when you've written your blog the doubt sets in. Is it 'good' enough?

Is it driving clients to action in your business? Is it too long, too short, written 'OK'?


You can make blogging for your business easier and faster, with a blog editing and coaching package

Write blogs that grow your business

  • Editing and proofreading blogs
  • Making sure your blog is set up to drive a specific goal in your business
  • Tracked changes and comments to coach you towards better writing
  • BONUS FREE Access to the 10-minute blog writing template
  • BONUS 10% Discount for the Confident Business Blogger online course

The investment
$100.00 + GST per blog (one-off edit and coach)
$250.00 + GST for 4 blog edit and coach package to be used within 3 months

(GST only applied for New Zealand businesses)

The Confident Business Blogger online course

Sometimes we just want to (or need to) do it ourselves.

Welcome to Words for Wellness learning centre. Home of the Confident Business Blogger.

A blog is a great way to grow your business.

Do it yourself with the Confident Business Blogger online course

  • Take the stress away from blog planning, writing & posting
  • Write captivating and informative business blogs
  • Nail your SEO
  • Write killer headlines
  • Create blog posts quickly & easily
  • Win hearts & minds
  • Increase sales
  • By being authentic, awesome and totally not sales-y

With the Confident Business Blogger online course you'll create a 3 month (minimum) blog plan, that you can rinse and repeat every quarter.

And learn how to write SEO-focused, loved by humans blogs, quickly and easily.

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