Isn't it time for a Content Audit?

Stop wasting time flinging spaghetti, and start focusing your message for maximum impact!

Too many people are wasting time blogging, making products and putting together service packages that DON'T help them spread a clear, consistent message. 

Taking the time out to do a content audit allows you to take stock of what is going on!

What is a content audit?

A content audit is when you take stock of what information you have on your website. Whether it’s product pages or service pages, or more commonly, blog articles. 

Why take time to do a content audit on your website?
  • Doing a content audit on your website also allows you to identify any gaps in the information or products you’re showing your clients. 
  • Taking some time to do a content audit also helps your SEO by allowing you to see what could be updated or optimised for higher conversions, and identify high performing posts that you can make the most of!

Download your FREE Content Audit Template

I've created a FREE Content Audit Template on Google Sheets to help you get on top of your content, save time and optimise your content for maximum impact. 

  • Google Sheet (download and save your own fillable copy)
  • Embedded how-to-use video, blogs and other resources
  • Super-clear and simple to use

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