Online copywriting courses to grow your health and wellness business.

Sometimes you just WANT to do it yourself. Other times, you just HAVE to DIY-it.

Either way, I've got some amazing online, any-time courses that make marketing easier.

The Confident Business Blogger

Sometimes we just want to (or need to) do it ourselves. 

Welcome to Words for Wellness learning centre. Home of the Confident Business Blogger.

A blog is a great way to grow your business.

  • Take the stress away from blog planning, writing & posting
  • Write captivating and informative business blogs
  • Nail your SEO 
  • Write killer headlines
  • Create blog posts quickly & easily
  • Win hearts & minds
  • Increase sales
  • By being authentic, awesome and totally not sales-y

With the Confident Business Blogger online course you'll create a 3 month (minimum) blog plan, that you can rinse and repeat every quarter. 
And learn how to write SEO-focused, loved by humans blogs, quickly and easily.

Words for Wellness + The Helpful Academy

The two Kat's are ready to get your marketing sorted! 

Kat @ Words for Wellness and Kat @ The Helpful Academy have teamed up to offer you some of the best, affordable marketing courses available.

catch your dream client online course

Catch your dream client

A Words for Wellness and The Helpful Academy collaboration!

Great marketing starts with knowing all you can about your dream client. 

After all, you can't sell to EVERYONE, but you can connect more with the RIGHT client.

'Catch Your Dream Client' will help you figure out + find your target audience and help you grow your business! 

Making it easier to write your emails, choose your lead magnet, write your website copy and get started with SEO. 

Lead magnets made easy

Turn your likes and website visitors into leads, and nurture those leads into customers. On Autopilot.


Mailerlite made easy

Ready to set up email marketing? Mailerlite is our recommended tool of choice. Here’s how to nail it.


Master email marketing

Email marketing is the best way to grow profits. Get your emails working hard.


Nurture sequence (products)

Yay, someone made a purchase! Now they might be interested in another. Nurture the relationship with this email sequence. Fully personalised template.


Nurture sequence (services)

Yay, someone booked you for a free session. But how do you follow them up and turn them into a paying client? This email series will help! Fully personalised template. 


Re-engage your list

So, you’ve got an email list but you don’t send anything. Or, maybe your open rate is low. Here’s a 4-email campaign to get them re-engaged. Fully personalised template.


Retarget abandoned carts

Lots of abandoned carts in your shop? Nurture them through to purchase with this simple but effective retargeting sequence. Fully personalised template.


Sell like a pro

Use this fill-in-the-blanks email sequence in your marketing calendar to promote your services and products to an engaged audience.
Fully personalised template. 

NZD $37

Social proof

Testimonials and reviews are essential and having them helps you sell more. Use this email sequence to ask your clients and customers for reviews. Fully personalised template.

NZD $17

Welcome and sell

What happens after someone signs up for your lead magnet? Welcome them and show them the value of your email services with these fill-in-the-blank email templates.

NZD $47

Welcome Like a Pro

Yay, you got a new sign up to your newsletter. But maybe you’re not ready to sell – just yet. Use this sequence to make sure they feel welcomed and ready to go.

NZD $37

Heads up: Some of these courses include affiliate links. That means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase from one of these links, at no extra cost to you. Regardless of this payment, these courses come from a respected and trusted expert in marketing strategy. And me!

Create a brand message that attracts more of the RIGHT clients

A clear brand message stands out to people searching for your help. It's time to attract more clients. Grab your FREE brand message toolkit today.

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