Episodes of the StoryBrand podcast that will change the way you do business

StoryBrand has an awesome blog and podcast for those who want to really understand more about how clarifying your message can help your business grow. Oh, and the book (on Amazon or Book Depository, or … well… any other book shop really).

You can access the StoryBrand blog and podcast here. Hit the top right hand link to access the blog. 

StoryBrand podcast number 1

My favourite podcasts are still the very first ones. Why? Because this is where the outline of StoryBrand is given. Each episode is devoted to one step of the StoryBrand framework. So I’m going to clump them together and call them number 1.

StoryBrand podcast 2: When Donald met Seth

My second favourite episode (you’ll know why any second now) is when Donald Miller sat down with … SETH GODIN(who I get all fan-girl about) to discuss marketing.  Really it doesn't get any better than this. Two marketing gurus in one happy podcast-bundle. Get a notebook and set to repeat. 

StoryBrand podcast 3: The energy interview

If you find your energy dropping after lunch, but fully creative at 10pm, episode 78 will tell you exactly why. Daniel Pink nerds out on chronology and biorhythms, and how they affect our productivity. Fascinating 

StoryBrand podcast 4: Building communities

Many businesses in the wellness space build communities. And we’ve talked before about how communities or tribes are a really effective way to build your business. Episode 127 follows Tina Sharkey, co-founder of Brandless and shows how communities and core values can boost business

StoryBrand podcast 5: Best of 2018

Just because it's 2018 doesn't mean it's FULL of wisdom. The best of 2018 compilation, AKA episode 129 was a great way to catch the gems of StoryBrand wisdom in one easy listen.  Little snippets of great StoryBrand podcast interviews so you know which ones to go and delve into more!

StoryBrand podcast 6: the one with the Duck

Okay, so episode 144 wasn’t necessarily a stand out. It features Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. A show I never saw, and sorry, but don’t really anticipate watching. 

However. The intro discussion between Donald Miller and Jay Jay was WORTH IT’S WEIGHT IN GOLD. Why? Because Jay Jay discusses his PhD which focused on researching the impact and effectiveness of StoryBrand. So if you want a research-based approach of how StoryBrand can help your business. This is it. The podcast isn’t on the StoryBrand site yet, so here’s the Castbox link 

StoryBrand podcast 7: Social media

Episode 83 of the building a storybrand podcast focuses on social media. Rachel Hollis talks about how numbers don’t matter, engagement does. I think often we get hung up on the numbers of likes, but this podcast reminds us that high engagement from a niche market is way more valuable than 10k likes and no engagement.  

StoryBrand podcast 8: The one where you delegate

Sometimes you just need to out-source, and Bryan Miles shares how to make the most of a virtual assistant. He uses his experiences with helping high-performing executives achieves more to help us little people make the most of having someone to help us out. 

If you need some help too, then check out my friends at InDeed We Can virtual assistants, or the VA Network.

StoryBrand podcast 9

Episode 17 was rather awesome, and an introduction to persuasion and helping people change. It looks deep into customer transformation. 

Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of Digital Marketer (hey, remember I’m a Digital Marketer certified email whizz) shares some marketing genius, including his content development strategy.

StoryBrand podcast 10: Talk triggers

Oh no. Not number ten already. Which to pick? I think has to go to episode 128. 

Word of mouth is a really strong marketing tool in wellness, and that’s the topic of this StoryBrand podcast. Jay Baer is in the hot seat and talking about word of mouth and talk triggers

Talking points are SUPER important. They're the conversations you want to become known for. Jay Baer explains all, beautifully. 

So that’s all folks. Happy listening. Let me know your favourite. 

And don’t forget to drop me a line if you need help getting your message clear.

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