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Here are some examples of my recent projects. Just click the images to see the live sites.

Learning To Fly - Women's Leadership Coach

"I reached out to Katrina because I was overwhelmed with information and ideas about my customers and what I wanted to do.

She helped me cut through all the noise and get clear around the key messages that would speak to the clients I wanted to target in a way that would resonate with them. It also helped shape the packages I could offer and my social media marketing.

It was so worth the investment because now I’m feeling much more confident about my messaging and what I’m offering, and feel like I can go out there and do the work that I’m good at. Katrina was so easy to work with and just made the whole process easy and stress-free."

Amanda Sterling. Learning To Fly

Elevated Dietetics

"Copywriting is a skill, yet not one that I possess. I could have done some courses on copywriting. However, I knew it would be quicker for someone else to write for me.

I also find the process of working with Katrina very therapeutic, in the sense that the questions she asks about my business and services encourage me to think deeper into my WHY and HOW for doing what I do!

I just knew she would understand me and my vision, having worked with Katrina on a previous website."

Jodie Sheraton
Elevated Dietetics

Nourish by Christina Becker

"This was my first website and I felt fortunate to work with Katrina- she guided me through the copywriting process and explained the "how and why" throughout.

She was able to extract the "essence" of my brand and my words and created a beautiful and well-flowing copy. I am excited about the results and enjoyed working with Katrina." 

Christina, Nourish by Christina Becker


It was an absolute pleasure working with Katrina. From communication to the copy itself, Katrina made it as easy as possible for to get my questionnaires done through audio recordings, enabling me to get my thoughts out better so you could turn my ideas into amazing copy. 

Katrina's copy was so outstanding on my private nutrition practice website that I didn't hesitate to work with her again for my lead magnet and email sequence. I ended up hiring Katrina for 3 projects after that, for my other business website copy, lead magnet and book sales page. And I absolutely LOVED the Loom videos explaining the copy - it was SO helpful and exciting to receive the videos each time the copy draft was ready for me to review!

Every time I read the copy Katrina produced for both businesses, it reaffirmed how worth the investment her services were. Her writing and messaging was so clear and she has very special talent and skills enabling her to communicate with my voice and turn the words into purpose on all of my sites and emails. I'm so grateful every time I see my websites and book sales page and know that the words Katrina created for me will bring my brands so much success for years to come.

Ilene Cohen, PranaSpirit Nutrition RefreshExamS