Copywriting that saves you time and money attracting clients

Your wellness message deserves to be heard. And your business deserves to thrive.

Imagine having a fully-booked appointment list, regularly selling your products and getting out there spreading your wellness message. 

Your business is thriving and you've got the financial freedom to live the life you choose to. 

This needn't be a dream. Here are some examples of the projects I've worked on.

Clever Poppy, Auckland, New Zealand

Website copy, email sequence, blog and lead magnet editing

Julie at Clever Poppy knew that her Maker's Academy was more than just showing people how to create beautiful things. There was a whole other side that she wanted to profile - the importance to our health of having me-time. 

We took her clear vision and updated her website copy, email sequence, blogs and lead magnet to create a clear message and sales funnel for her tribe. 

Time for mum, Sydney, Australia

Brand message report and full website copy

Alicja at Time for Mum is a life, strengths and wellness coach for mums. She came across the StoryBrand framework, and thought it suited her business messaging. 

First, we worked together to clarify her message and create a Brand Message Report. Then I put it into action by creating the copy for her website. As part of the  package I supply a wireframe (demo website), which Alicja gave to her Wordpress designer who made it happen on this live site. 

Here's what she said about working together

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Katrina. She was very personable, asked a lot of questions, listened carefully and went above and beyond to deliver the content for my website. She helped me to clarify my message which was exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone who needs help with their website content and copywriting. "


Embodied Dietitian, Gainsville, Florida, USA

Website copy, lead magnet editing, email copy

Embodied Dietitian Tracy Brown, RD is a coach for health professionals wanting to help their clients by practicing intuitive eating and the non-diet approach. Tracy came initially wanting to connect with her email list through developing a nurture email sequence. After writing these emails Tracy decided her website and lead magnet needed updating to truly show how she helps health professionals succeed with confidence. 

Jumpstart Nutrition website portfolio example

Jumpstart Nutrition, Dunedin, New Zealand

Website copy

Jumpstart Nutrition. Jennifer Douglas is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian. She was looking to update the copy and design of her website, so it connected more clearly with her clients. Working alongside Lori at Lola Media Design we were able to create a website for Jennifer that shows who she works with and how she helps them. 

Hormone Empowerment website portfolio image

Hormone Empowerment, New Zealand

Website copy

Sarah and Andrea at Hormone Empowerment needed a website to showcase their 12-week menopause programme. Previously their programme had only been available through a Facebook Group. Working alongside Lori at Lola Media Design we create a professional site that allows them to attract the right clients to their programmes.