The copywriter you need for the business you love

Copywriting that saves you time and money attracting clients

Your message deserves to be heard. And your business deserves to thrive.

Imagine having a fully-booked appointment list, regularly selling your products and getting out there spreading your wellness message. 

Your business is thriving and you've got the financial freedom to live the life you choose to. 

This needn't be a dream. 

Hi, I'm Katrina. I like coffee and helping you making sense of the words in your head

When I ran my own health & wellness business I spent years making mistakes, back-tracking and generally getting in a knot about web design, blogging, writing websites and client hand-outs. 

 All that time I remember feeling that the things I needed to do to keep customers coming in just kept me from actually seeing clients!

Slowly my free time went down, and my stress-levels went up.  

When all I really wanted was my free time to go up and my stress-levels go down!

‚ÄčIf I knew then what I know now ...

  • I'd have saved money by using my time more effectively
  • I'd have saved time by focusing my efforts on what my clients really wanted
  • I'd have EARNED a fortune by connecting with people who really needed my services and products, and were ready to buy
  • And I'd saved a few gray hairs too!

I can help you connect with your health and wellness tribe and give you that unique edge to help your business stand out and thrive.

Getting your message out there. Clearly.

As a UK trained dietitian I was lucky enough to get lots of training in psychology over the years. 

After all, most people know what they should be doing - it's helping them understand this and see how to make meaningful changes which is the hard bit. 

And this is what connecting with your tribe is all about.  Add in my background in quality and health literacy and, boy, I really know how to talk to your tribe!

Everyone feels like they're struggling to attract clients. They blame it on too many people in the wellness space.

It's not true. The problem is that everyone is confused.

No one is speaking clearly to the clients they want to attract. They're losing clients, watching their business fail, and creating a heap of stress for themselves. 

Eliminate the crowd by speaking clearly to the clients you want to attract. And you'll find your clinic full, your products selling and your wellness message spreading. 

My passion is for helping you use the right words at the right time to build amazing relationships with your tribe. 

Helping you build trust and helping them to get to know you by writing the words and creating the content that they want to read.

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