Hi, I'm Katrina.

Conversion Copywriter | Auckland | New Zealand

If you’re not good at words… I can help!

So many of my clients come to me seeking

  • Freedom from the endless jumble of thoughts cluttering up their headspace.
  • Clarity about which thoughts are important and what is just noise.
  • Confidence that their website can make a real difference to their life as well as the lives of their clients.

Instead, they’re feeling totally stuck as to how to make the sales happen.

Hi, I'm Katrina. I like coffee and helping you making sense of the words in your head

When I ran my own health & wellness business I spent years making mistakes, back-tracking and generally getting in a knot about web design, blogging, writing websites and client hand-outs. 

 All that time I remember feeling that the things I needed to do to keep customers coming in just kept me from actually seeing clients!

Slowly my free time went down, and my stress-levels went up.  

When all I really wanted was my free time to go up and my stress-levels go down!

Reimagine the possibilities for your online business presence

What impact could it make to your business if you had 

  • A website that was set up so your customers can find you
  • Home and about pages that your customers connect with on a deep, authentic level and demonstrating shared values 
  • Sales pages that connect and convert
  • Emails that are set up to nurture and add value to your clients. 

Your website and emails are doing everything in their power to boost sales … and you didn’t need to upskill in anything!

In fact, you got more time to focus on helping the people you love to serve.

Words for Wellness

It’s all about using what you do to make an impact on the well-being of your clients and customers. 

Yes, obviously, your financial freedom and the quality of life that brings are important. Especially if you’re paying rent for your offices or wages to employees.

But the business value you rate most highly is focusing on your clients' wellness and life transformation. That’s why I write Words for Wellness. 

Your business may be

  • Financial wellness (bookkeepers, accountants and pricing coaches who focus on sorting out finances, so you’ll get your work-life balance back and stop stressing)
  • Physical wellness (nutritionists, physiotherapists, chiropractors)
  • Mental wellness (life coach, psychologists)
  • Business wellness (leadership coaches, business coaches who think about life-work balance rather than earning ++++)
  • Environmental wellness (sustainable/eco brands)

Getting your message out there. Clearly.

Conversion copywriting isn’t my first career.

I spent over 20 years working in the health industry as a Registered Dietitian.

When I ran my own private practice, I spent years making marketing mistakes, back-tracking and generally getting in a knot about web design, blogs and emails.

All the time I remember thinking that all the things I needed to keep clients coming in just kept me from doing the work I loved!

Slowly, my free time went down and my stress levels went up.

When all I wanted was my stress levels to go down and my free time to go up!

Eventually, I nerded-out so much on marketing under the gentle and ethical guidance of course, books, podcasts and videos from …

  • Seth Godin (marketing genius and author of Tribes and Permission Marketing (among others)
  • Donald Miller (creator of Building a StoryBrand) - I was a StoryBrand Certified guide from 2019-2022
  • Sam Horn (author of Pop and Got Your Attention)
  • Robert Cialdini (author of Influence)
  • Joanna Weibe (the original conversion copywriter)

And decided that actually, I loved helping small businesses become confident in their business message and writing website and email copy.

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