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All you want is to make the most of opportunities to grow your wellness practice

+ But the words on your website are letting you down

You know what you want to say but keep getting lost in the jumble of words in your head.

The result? A blah website that stops you from building the brand you dream of. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could find the right words to show people how amazing your business is?


"I'm not good at words! I was hoping saving the time, energy, frustration would be worth the investment to outsource so I can focus on what I am good at. I was right. I'm so glad I did it."

~ Alyssa Broadwater, Alyssa Broadwater RD

Imagine how great your website could be, with a conversion copywriter on your side!

Hi, I’m Katrina.

Many wellness professionals find it hard to consistently connect with people who need their help. 

I know that you want to help people achieve their wellness goals and change their lives forever. But it seems to be harder than you imagined to you manage your marketing and consistently attract more clients. 

Your wellness message deserves to be heard. And your business ought to thrive. 

Feel confident your website is talking the language your clients can clearly understand.

So people listen and get the care they need.


"Copywriting is a skill, yet not one that I possess. I could have done some courses on copywriting. However, I knew it would be quicker for someone else to write for me.

I also find the process of working with Katrina very therapeutic, in the sense that the questions she asks about my business and services encourage me to think deeper into my WHY and HOW for doing what I do!

I just knew she would understand me and my vision, having worked with Katrina on a previous website."

Jodie Sheraton, Elevated Dietetics

Stand out and book more clients with copywriting that connects and converts

1. Chat with Kat

We'll talk about your project and how we can work together to achieve your goals. 

2. Let's get started

You do you. I'll do the research, data-dive and write the website words that connect, engage and convert. 

3. Feel cool, calm and collected

So you can get on with the business you love, knowing your website is working hard to fill your clinic, groups and online courses. 

Your clients deserve to hear from you

Many wellness professionals and clinic managers struggle to connect consistently with people needing help. I help them get their message heard to attract more clients and change more lives.

In order to change lives and inspire people to achieve their wellness goals, you need to consistently attract more clients.

If you’re not attracting clients, your message is just not getting heard. Your clinic may be financially at risk, and that will stifle your ability to help people. 

Spending time on marketing that isn’t connecting with your clients takes a heap of time, effort, and stress and produces too much grey hair. It’s frustrating when all you want to do is help people. 

Your wellness message deserves to be heard. And your business deserves to thrive. 

I understand what that feels like, which is why I help wellness practitioners like you share their message in the right way. The way that makes sure your clients know quickly and clearly how you can help them achieve their goals. 

The right way is using proven conversion and storytelling techniques based on health psychology theories so that your brand message connects in a way that isn’t sales-y and isn’t pushing pain points as hard as you can.

Making sure your wellness message connects in the most effective way for clients to easily see through everything that is going on in their lives. And reach out for your help. 

I make sure your wellness message is easy to understand by your clients.

Then I put your clear message to work across your website - making sure that you’re connecting with clients who know how you meet their needs and can’t wait to engage with you.

Not sure how well your website's connecting?

Get inside my head (it’s not all filled with coffee and cats!) and see your website through the eyes of an experienced SEO and conversion copywriter.

  • Discover how well your website is connecting with your clients so you can see where people are losing focus.
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