Confidently attract more clients with copy that clearly connects and converts

Attracting a consistent flow of clients is key to building the business you dream about

Standing out online is hard but a clear message cuts through the noise. 

Don’t be lost for words.

You deserve to confidently attract and convert more clients

Your business deserves to stand out online

Katrina took the time to listen to my passion and take my own words but revamp them in a way that gets the message out more clearly while still maintaining my own personality and authenticity behind them.

Kate, My Rehab Fitness

Imagine the difference having a steady flow of customers or clients could make to your business and life-work balance

It’s frustrating when you can’t find the right words to connect with people who are looking for your help. Especially when others seem to be getting all the likes. 

Right at the heart of attracting more clients is having a message that connects with them. 

A message that shows them how you transform their lives. 

A message written in the perfect way for them to listen and take notice. 

Maybe you've tried to write your own words but been left with words that confuse instead of clarify and that don’t sound like you!

The best way to stand out online is to have another set of eyes look into your business, create a clear message that connects with your dream clients and put it to work on your website and in your emails.

Hi, I’m Katrina.

I get that finding the right words to market your business and spread your message can be challenging. It totally takes the enjoyment out of transforming lives when we struggle to get our message out there.

As a copywriter, StoryBrand Certified Guide and with over 25 years in the wellness industry, I help small businesses connect authentically with their dream clients. So they can attract a more consistent flow of clients to their business, helping them experience the business they dream of.

I just can’t express how amazing it is to read all your words and feel like they convey exactly what I want to say, without me having to use up valuable brain space to work it all out. You’re a magician!

Julie, Clever Poppy

It’s time to get clear!

Don’t be lost for words.

With a clear message that connects with your dream clients, you can spread your message, transform more lives and create the business AND life you want.

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