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The right words can make all the difference

Great marketing and a successful wellness business starts with having a clear message to spread.

Having a clear message gives you the confidence to shout it out loud to your dream clients. 

And when you have a clear message, your clients will find it super-easy to listen to you.

Then you'll find your clinic full, your products selling and lives being transformed. 

Your wellness business has a message to spread

But finding the right words can be hard. 

It's time to spread your wellness message and make connecting with the right clients easy. 

I just can’t express how amazing it is to read all your words and feel like they convey exactly what I want to say, without me having to use up valuable brain space to work it all out. You’re a magician! 

Julie Stuart, Clever Poppy

Why leave your marketing to chance?

The StoryBrand 7-step framework is a  strategy that's helped thousands of businesses connect with the right clients and increase their profits.

As a  copywriter and StoryBrand Certified Guide I use the power of storytelling to help you create the strong foundation to build all your marketing material on - whether you're a wellness business or not.

Helping you attract more clients and grow a successful business.

Hi, I'm Katrina

Your message deserves to be heard. And your business ought to thrive.

As a health and wellness copywriter I show you how to use the right words at the right time to build amazing relationships with your clients. Helping you build trust and helping your clients to get to know you by writing the words and creating the content that they want to read.

With 20+ years in the wellness industry I can help you connect with your health and wellness clients and give you that unique edge that will help your website words, emails and blogs stand out.

(Psst ... I also work with other customer-centred business who are in love with the StoryBrand way of doing things!)

Katrina took the time to listen to my passion and take my own words but revamped them in a way that gets my message out more clearly while still maintaining my own personality and authenticity behind them.

Kate Saynor, My Rehab Fitness

Create a clear message

That tells your clients how you can help them

Get a website that connects

Put your message to work on your website

Engage with your clients

With emails that show your incredible value

Show your authority

With blogs they can't wait to read

Create a brand message that attracts more of the RIGHT clients

A clear brand message stands out to people searching for your help. It's time to attract more clients. Grab your FREE brand message toolkit today.

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