Website Copywriting for Health & Wellness Businesses

Are you dreaming of a professional website you can feel proud of?


"This was my first website and I felt fortunate to work with Katrina- she guided me through the copywriting process and explained the "how and why" throughout.

She was able to extract the "essence" of my brand and my words and created a beautiful and well-flowing copy. I am excited about the results and enjoyed working with Katrina." 

Christina, Nourish by Christina Becker

Is it time to super-charge your wellness practice website?

+ The bottom line is that you want to make sure your website really connects with your clients. To do that, you need to get the right words in the right place.

Over time your business direction may have moved on, and you need your website to reflect this. 

Even if you’re at the start of your business journey, having the right words on your website can help you grow quickly and without mucking about. 

Having the wrong words on your website can mean you're missing out on clients who are looking for us to help change their lives. 

What does it take for website copy to connect and convert?

I spent over 20 years working in the health and wellness industry. And I saw how traditional marketing methods failed to make the connections that wellness practitioners needed.

All you want to do is help more people change their lives. And you want your wellness business to thrive.

I believe marketing doesn’t need to feel like it’s sucking all your time and energy.

Your wellness message deserves to be heard. 

I can make your website work, so you can spend your time and energy on helping people change their lives.

All website copy includes:

Brand clarity session
Get clear on who your dream client is, what they want from you, how you help solve their problems and transform their lives - and discover what barriers are stopping them from engaging with you. 

SEO keyword research
Being clear is only the first step. Being found online by your clients is essential, and that means getting your website Google-ready using SEO (search engine optimization) best practices. 

Customer and competitor research
Call me a professional stalker! I dive into your customer profiles and others in your niche to find out what’s really going on. And use this gold mine of information to craft the best on-page experience for your website.

Conversion copy
With all that done, it’s time to write the words and journey for your website that’s focused on ethically encouraging your clients to sign up, book an appointment, contact you or complete their purchase. 

Wireframe (mock-up) of how your site will look
Having the words isn’t enough. User Experience (UX) of your website adds another layer of conversion-sparkle, based on nerdy things like eye-tracking, to your website. Having this visual layout also makes it easier for your web designer to do the design!

Get Your Website Connecting and Converting With The Right Words

You're done playing around and want Every. Single. Word on your website to connect and convert. 

Seriously. You're serious about growth. 

For this, you need everything that SEO Copywriting, Storytelling and Conversion Copy can bring. The deep research and the laser-focused copy that super-sizes your growth and brings you most return on your investment. 

Make a meteoric-impact online

  • SEO keyword research so you know what your clients are looking for.

  • SEO title tag and meta description copy so you can be found by Google and your customers.

  • Voice of Customer research so you use the words they're saying.

  • Competition research so you can see how to position yourself apart from the crowd.

  • Conversion-based website copy

  • A personalised wireframe visual display to help your web developer lay out the copy for best effect so your website doesn't look like everyone elses

  • 2 x Zoom 90-minute Zoom calls

  • 2 x rounds of revision

Starts from NZ$1400 + GST (payment plans available)
Each project is priced individually depending on the number of pages required. We'll talk about this at your discovery call. 

Website Insight Report

Written your own copy and need some feedback?

Find out how well your website is really connecting with your ideal clients. And get a personalised action plan to get more clicks.

You’ve got a website. BUT. You’re not loving it. So your whole digital marketing strategy is sitting idle, doing nothing because you don’t want people to see your website!

The thing is, you’re not sure what you need to do to fix it. Can it even be fixed?

It's time for a Website Insight. It's just what you need to create a clear plan that will stop you from hiding your website.

Make a meteoric-impact online

In the Website Insight Report, you get

  • My eyes on your website

    • A full recorded walkthrough of your website with personalised advice on layout

    • Exact copy switches to help get more clicks.

    • SEO insights

    • Key call to action copy

  • An action plan specific to your business and goals to help you improve customer experience and ... more clicks!

  • A 30-minute follow-up call to go through and answer any questions.

  • Really useful templates and videos to help you get clear on your customers and how to translate that into what copy goes on your website.

Is it time to stop hiding your website? Let’s make it shine (and sell)!

NZ$350 + GST
Each project is priced individually depending on the number of pages required. We'll talk about this at your discovery call. 


"Working with Katrina to fix my website copy was very easy. She gave me really good, clear instructions on how to change the structure of my pages and how to phrase the copy to show potential clients that I have empathy for their problem and I have a great solution for them. I was very happy with the process, it worked really well for me because I wanted to write my own copy I just wasn't sure how to word things."

~ Ursula IGOrganiSZer

Stand out and book more clients with copywriting that connects and converts

1. Chat with Kat

We'll talk about your project and how we can work together to achieve your goals. 

2. Let's get started

You do you. I'll do the research, data-dive and write the website words that connect, engage and convert. 

3. Feel cool, calm and collected

So you can get on with the business you love, knowing your website is working hard to fill your clinic, groups and online courses.