Free Resources And DIY Courses

Copywriting Resources

Mini Brand Message Toolkit

Create a clear brand message for your business. A message that you can use to confidently attract more clients.



20-Minute Website Check

Use this checklist and action plan to find out how clear your website is to your clients. And uncover if there are any places you're losing them rather than helping them make a booking. 



Online Courses

Words for Wellness + The Helpful Academy = DIY Biz Heaven!

Meeting Kat from The Helpful Academy was a real turning point for me and many of my clients who want to (or have to) DIY their emails, website and digital marketing.

Since we met, we've collaborated on many online courses and email templates ... as you can see below!

Your business isn't the same as every one else's, so that's why each of these courses and templates are 100% customisable. We give you options and the reasons why. And you make it sound like you!