Building a values-based business

Value yourself and others will value you too

You might have happened across the acronym “K.T.L”. In other words “Know. Trust. Like”.  

This funky little phrase describes how our tribe sees us. First they have to get to know us, then they have to trust us and finally they get to like us. Which translates into sales and our tribe spreading the word about us. And building your wellness business around a tribe is sustainable way to success

Often when I talk to people it’s the “know” bit which is the focus – social media, web pages, blogs etc. These are all ways people get to know about our tribe. 

But it’s the “trust” that causes the most stress in getting to the "like" that results in sales. . So, like in a sandwich, the “trust” in “know, trust, like” is the juiciest, tastiest bit. 

Trust “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.”

As a business or a brand we want to build trust so our tribe can go on to the next step and like us. But we also need to trust ourselves, so we can guide our tribe in the right direction, in the right way, and grow our business to help guide more people. 

Believe in your own story

Let's have a show of hands if you've ever doubted how much you really help your clients? Have underpriced services because, and let's get real here, don't have the confidence to price higher? 

Have caught yourself feeling like you're an imposter when talking about the work you do?

Being trusted by others (credibility) begins with you being confident in yourself. Then you have the confidence to make others believe in you too.

  • Believe in yourself first.
  • Acknowledge you feel this lack of self-confidence
  • Acknowledge it for what it is - a feeling. Then look at what the facts say about what's going on. Everyone feels uncertain, insecure or makes mistakes at some point. It's not just you. How do others get on with life without it stopping them?
  • Tell yourself a new script in your head. Like Evan in "Evan All Mighty" - he stands in front of the mirror and repeats his mantra. He's reprogramming his core values. "I'm successful, I'm helpful, I'm kind" could be yours.

When you value yourself, your business and your products or services you show up.
You're committed to sharing the experience with your tribe.
You don't doubt the benefits, experience and value that your business can provide to others.

I had this with a client the other day. After we set the right words to her product you could just see her confidence growing. She trusted her product more because she had the right words to explain it to her tribe. She was confident to go out and talk to people about it, and so they trusted her. She stood tall and used the words we’d written in her Playbook to describe the product and so sounded credible and trustworthy to her tribe. 

Getting your messaging right is one step in the direction of being confident in the benefits, experience and value that your business DOES provide.

Try this exercise.
  • Who is the person you help? 
  • What do you help them achieve?
  • How do you do this?

Try and get it down to one or two sentences. Stand in front of a mirror. Say it out loud. Every time someone asks you what you do. This is your reply. Have it on your social media site. Have it on your website.

Now you're committed. Now you're starting to build credibility with your tribe.
Share your sentence below, or if you need a hand drop it in the comments and we'll come up with your one-liner 

Here’s mine: I help discouraged wellness professionals attract a consistent flow of clients by clarifying their marketing message so they can confidently connect with their tribe and grow a successful wellness business.

Create a clear brand message is my free toolkit that helps you develop this message further. Giving you confidence to go out and SHOUT OUT LOUD about your wellness business. 

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