16 Free ways to promote your lead magnet

​Your lead magnet is your value-laden freebie opt-in that you swap for a potential clients’ email address.

It’s frustrating when you have a way to help people make a real difference to their lives … and yet no one seems to be listening. For many of my clients it’s not about earning millions of dollars. They’re in business because they know they can make a real difference to their clients’ lives. 

Being able to show people how you can help them by using a lead magnet is probably THE main way to grow your email list, and start a relationship with people you want as clients. 

By offering something that

  • Solves a problem
  • Gives value
  • Positions you as the expert they need

You have an incredible opportunity to allow your customers to get to KNOW, TRUST and LIKE you. 

Choosing what to offer for your lead magnet is the first important step. Here's a quick guide to how to choose the perfect lead magnet to grow your email list (and biz).

The next step is to follow up with an email sequence that starts the relationship and points people in the right direction for solving more problems … usually your paid service, product or packages. 

An essential step we often don’t talk about is what to do with your lead magnet once you have it!

So, here are 16 FREE ways to promote your lead magnet.

The more eyes you can get it in front of, the more people are likely to ask you for a copy, and the faster and larger your email list will grow. And with an email sequence driving to a paid service or product, you’re more likely to get more sales and spread your wellness message further.

  1. Post it on social media (at least once a week)
  2. Add it to relevant blogs - go back and update old blogs too!
  3. Click through from your social media cover image
  4. Pin it on Pinterest
  5. Add it to your email footer
  6. Give it as an option on sign up to your Facebook group
  7. Put it on your website one section up from the footer
  8. Put in on your website as an ‘exit intent’ pop up
  9. Post it on Facebook and pin it to the top of your page
  10. Create a video about it and have it on your LinkedIn profile
  11. Add it as a call to action button on your website next to your main action button
  12. Put it on a banner at the top of your website
  13. Make it the cover photo on your social media pages
  14. Talk about it!
  15. Share tips from your lead magnet on social media posts
  16. Guest post about it

Want to talk about your lead magnet? Did you know I can help you choose and create the perfect lead magnet for your clients in pdf, checklist or ebook format!