Get clear about what you’re doing in your business

The ultimate guide to your clients, your business and your marketing message.

It’s so much easier to connect with your clients when you’re clear about how you solve their problems.

Kat makes finding your unique message easy. It's worth the investment to not waste time and energy trying to do it yourself!

Sarah, Empowered Space

Take intentional actions to attract a steady flow of clients

Many small business owners are winging it. Hoping their clients end up in the right place at the end of the journey.

With your marketing playbook, you’ll find out all you need to know about your clients, your business and your brand story.

With clarity about who your clients are and what they want from your business, you’ll be able to go out there with confidence and make meaningful connections with your clients.

Because getting clear about your brand story and customer journey shouldn't be challenging!

Many of my clients have so many business ideas that they can’t see how to get them cohesively into a package.

Others are struggling to define their new niche and learn about their dream clients.

As a Storybrand Certified Guide and conversion copywriter, when you’re lacking the clarity to confidently go out and spread the word about your business, I can help.

Big thanks to Katrina for spending time with me working on nailing my brand story. It's taken me years to figure it out and she had it sorted in half an hour!

Micaela, Koko Body

The Ultimate StoryBrand Marketing Playbook

To give you the best for your investment, each playbook is tailored to your needs and how I can help you achieve your business goals. 

Here are some of the reasons that my clients have opted for the Ultimate StoryBrand Marketing Playbook …

  • They want to unscramble the business ideas they’ve had running through their mind for the last 10 years!
  • They’re looking for clarity about their new niche and how they can best serve your clients.
  • Their business focus has evolved over the years and now they want clarity on their new direction.
  • They’re having to flip online and want to discover the best way to promote their new courses, programmes and packages. 
  • They’re starting a new business and want to get up to speed without mucking about.

Here’s what all my Ultimate StoryBrand Marketing Playbooks include:

Brand Messaging using the StoryBrand 7-Step Framework
StoryBrand has been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout the world to create clarity and grow their sales. We deep dive into who your clients are, what they want and how you solve their problems, allowing them to transform their lives. The result is a clear message you can use to introduce yourself, create content for your blogs and social media and check future packages, products and services are what your clients really want. 

Customer profiling
It’s super-stalker time! It’s all very well assuming you know about your clients, but do you really? As part of your marketing playbook, I turn super-sleuth and stalk your clients to find out all the relevant things that make connecting with them easier. 

Customer journey
Your report contains a full outline of your customer journey before, during and after they come into contact with your business. And, how and where you can connect with them.

NZ$1250 + GST

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It’s time to get clear!

Focus your niche, unscramble your business ideas and create a clear brand story

Get your message heard, clearly. And your clients can't wait to do business with you!