Grow your tribe with emails that really connects

You know you need to be in control of your tribe, not at the whim of social media algorithms. 

Growing your email list is how you can be in control of communications with your tribe. 

It's easy to attract more clients with a sales funnel that really connects.
And emails that give value and encourage sales. 

It should be easy to get your tribe on board

Confidently start building your email list.

Choose and create an awesome download or e-book.

Follow up with email sequences that really convert your tribe to raving fans.

Get growing your business with emails

I felt like my website wasn't communicating what it needed to - and my email sequences weren't do the job they needed to do. Even though I'm a published author and love writing, I was unable to write 'sales' copy that worked well for my biz. 

I lacked the psychology of health and wellness engagement that Katrina brings to her copywriting. Now I have copy that is far more focused on helping a customer understand what they are getting (aka much better sales copy) even though my communications feel way less 'salesy'.

Let's talk email sequences

The power of emails to grow your biz is only possible if you send the right emails. 

The first 24 hours after someone connects with your business is when they're most open to learn from you. Make the most of it with email sequences. 


Email sequences to grow your business

  • You may be looking for an email sequence to welcome and up-sell after your client has downloaded your lead magnet.
  • Or re-engaging your email list prior to a sale
  • Even up-selling to your engaged email list
  • Or reaching out for testimonials or reviews

Starting from $500.00 +GST

Create a clear message

That tells your clients how you can help them

Get a website that connects

Put your message to work on your website. 

Engage with your clients

With emails that show your incredible value.

Show your authority

With blogs they can't wait to read and engage with.

Create a brand message that attracts more of the RIGHT clients

A clear brand message stands out to people searching for your help. It's time to attract more clients. Grab your FREE brand message toolkit today.

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