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Take back control of communicating with your clients


"Every time I read the copy Katrina produced for both businesses, it reaffirmed how worth the investment her services were. 

Her writing and messaging was so clear and she has very special talent and skills enabling her to communicate with my voice and turn the words into purpose on all of my sites and emails.

I'm so grateful every time I see my websites and book sales page and know that the words Katrina created for me will bring my brands so much success for years to come.

Katrina's words will sell you and your brand."

~ Ilene. Pranaspirit Nutrition  Refresh ExamS

It should be easy to get your clients on board

+ You know you *need* to be sending emails - but what do you write in them?

Emails have the biggest return on investment of all the marketing you could be doing in your business.

For every $1 spent on your email list, most businesses can expect around $40 in return. 

  • Create an awesome download or e-book.
  • Follow up with emails that show how you solve their problems.
  • Keep them engaged with regular email value.

So tell me, what are you doing to build, nurture and grow your business through your email list? 

Dive into email marketing with confidence

If you're sitting on an email list but hesitant about how to sell to them, or desperate to start building your email list (without being sale-sy), let's talk about sparking interest and making connections to boost your sales!


"I just can’t express how amazing it is to read all your words and feel like they convey exactly what I want to say, without me having to use up valuable brain space to work it all out. You’re a magician!"

Julie, Clever Poppy

Start (or re-start) growing and nurturing your email list

You might need the whole customer journey or just a re-engagement email sequence. Either way, I’ve got you covered. 

All lead magnet and email sequences come with 

Email strategy session
Whether it's for your regular email newsletter, your lead magnet and follow up sequence or sale promotion sequences, all email start with a discovery and strategy session to make sure you've got a clear message to spread. 

Customer and competitor research
Call me a professional stalker! I dive into your customer profiles and others in your niche to find out what’s really going on. And use this gold mine of information to craft the best on-page experience for your lead magnet and emails.

Conversion copy
With all that done, it’s time to write the words and journey for your lead magnet and emails sequences that are focused on ethically encouraging your clients to sign up, book an appointment, contact you or complete their purchase. 

Then it’s just up to you to choose

  • Newsletter email content strategy session
  • Lead magnet (freebie opt-in) creation
  • Email welcome sequences
  • Email sales promo sequences
  • Email re-engagement sequences


Strategy sessions start from NZ$300 + GST

Email sequences start from NZ$400 + GST

Lead magnets start from NZ$600 + GST

Stand out and book more clients with emails that connect and convert

1. Chat With Kat

Emails are a means to an end. Let's talk about your goals and what your emails need to do to help you achieve them. 

2. Find The Right Words

Let's revive your email list or get you started growing and nurturing your list into loyal customers. 

3. Attract a consistent flow of clients

With your new found clarity fall in love with your business all over again.

Create a clear connection with your clients

Avoid the social media algorithms and connect with your clients directly!