You know you need to be in control of your tribe, not at the whim of social media algorithms. 

Growing your email list puts you in control of communications with your tribe. 

Now it's time to attract more clients with a lead magnet that really connects, and emails that give value and encourage sales. 


  • Choose and create an awesome download or e-book.
  • Follow up with emails that convert your tribe to raving fans.
  • Keep them engaged with regular email value.

The power of emails to grow your biz is only possible if you send the right emails.

If you're sitting on an email list but hesitant about how to sell to them, or desperate to start building your email list (without being sale-sy), let's talk about sparking interest and making connections to boost your sales!

I felt like my email sequences weren't doing the job they needed to do. Even though I'm a published author and love writing, I was unable to write 'sales' copy that worked well for my biz. 

I lacked the psychology of health and wellness engagement that Katrina brings to her copywriting. Now I have copy that is far more focused on helping a customer understand what they are getting (aka much better sales copy) even though my communications feel way less 'salesy'.



Okay, so having an email list is fantastic! Don't ruin your best chance of connection and engagement by NOT sending regular emails. 

Getting in front of people regularly with value helps improve your connection with your clients, and converts them to sales. Growing your business and transforming their lives. 

Your email strategy session starts with a questionnaire. After you complete this (it takes about an hour with a big cup of tea!), we meet up on Zoom for 60 - 90 minutes and talk through the questionnaire, diving deep into your business, your clients and your brand.

After the session, I go away and untangle the jumble of thoughts in your head, and present you with...

  • A full email content strategy 
  • Email topics for 12 newsletters
  • Email subject headings
  • Clear calls to action
  • Email template
  • FREE re-engagement email sequence

So you get your message heard, clearly. And your clients can't wait to do business with you!

NZ$950 + GST
GST only applies to New Zealand businesses


Having a freebie opt-in is a great way to give value to future clients and start a relationship with them.

Start your relationship with your future client by showing them you can help them solve their problems using a pdf download.

  • 1 hour client discovery session to determine what high-value freebie lead magnet your clients would jump to download
  • StoryBrand messaging
  • Creating your PDF download on a branded document 
  • And, get promoting it quickly with FREE lead magnet landing page copy and layout

I can either source and create your pdf checklist or e-book from your resources, or edit a document that you write. 

The investment

NZ$1600, write and source information for you
NZ$1200, edit for you
+ GST for New Zealand businesses

Email sequences that connect & convert on autopilot

Writing your email sequence, regardless of the sequence starts with a client discovery meeting. This helps me learn all about your business and your clients so we get the messaging spot-on and your clients can't wait to open your emails. 

  • 1 hour Zoom meeting
  • StoryBrand brand story creation
  • Client profile: motivation and language discovery

The investment
$480 + GST
GST only applied for New Zealand businesses

Now add on the email sequence that helps you broadcast your message as far as possible.

Email welcome sequences

The first 48 hours after someone signs up to your email list or buys a product are when they're most engaged with you. Make the most of this time with a 3-4 email sequence that welcomes your new subscriber to your email list, shows them you're the perfect guide to help them transform their lives, and sets up expectations of your regular email list. 

The investment
Email sequence $560 + GST

GST only applied for New Zealand businesses

3-4 Email sales promo (upsell) sequence

Many people forget to sell to their current email list! Don't miss out on this opportunity. I'll write a 3-4 email sequence that you can send to your current list and remind them of your paid services. Use this as part of your regular sales cycle - write once, and use up to four times each year!

Plus FREE re-engagement email to clean your email list before you sell, making sure you are selling to people ready to engage with you!

The investment
Email sequence $560 + GST

GST only applied for New Zealand businesses

Email welcome & upsell sequence

New subscribers are keen and eager to learn how you can help them overcome their problems and achieve their goals. Make the most of the interest. Welcome your new email subscriber to your business and connect with them. Get to know them and get your relationship started. Show yourself as the perfect guide for their journey and introduce them to a specific paid offering. 

The investment
$720 + GST

GST only applied for New Zealand businesses

Get your emails up and running!

If you're using (or want to use) the MailerLite or Mailchimp email service platforms, I can set up your email sequences for you. 

If you use (or want to set up) Active Campaign, I recommend talking with Melanie at Melanco Consulting to get your emails up and running.

Emails that sell ... write them yourself!

Sometimes we just want to (or need to) do it ourselves.

The two Kats (Kat Soper from The Helpful Academy and Kat Pace from Words for Wellness) have teamed up to make sure you get the very best online courses and templates to help you grow your business

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