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Your have at your fingertips a way to transform the lives of so many people. 

But, am I right in saying that sometimes we lack the confidence to really shout out loud and connect with our dream clients?

Imagine how it would feel if you were clear about your wellness message? How you transform lives and make a real impact on your clients. Empowering! Joyful! Confident!

It's time to spread your wellness message the right way. And make connecting with the right clients easy. 

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I want to clarify my message

I want a website to be proud of

I want sales from my emails

I want to blog with confidence

I want to learn how to do it myself

We all love a good story.

Billions of dollars spent on books and movies can’t be wrong. But did you know that stories can also help you build your business?

Donald Miller, an American author created the StoryBrand framework. StoryBrand uses a 7-step framework to help businesses develop a clear business message that helps them connect with clients. As he succinctly puts it “if you confuse, you lose”.

I found so much value in the StoryBrand framework that I traveled all the way to Nashville, Tennessee and trained as a StoryBrand Certified Guide. 

Why? Well, it took my home-grown framework of how I was creating marketing materials like websites, email sequences and blogs for wellness businesses and super-sized it. I think I was doing about 75% of the StoryBrand process, but in a slightly less logical way.
Using the StoryBrand framework has helped me get really clear on what I need to be asking you, and how I can translate your ideas and thoughts into a really clear message for your clients to understand using the least possible energy!

Find out more about how a story can help you build your business.

Katrina, when do I need to work with a copywriter?

Create a brand message

Brand message

Copywriter/Brand strategist.
Start with a really clear brand message that's clear and connects with your clients.

create visual branding

Visual branding

Graphic designer.

Use your brand message to help guide your choice of colours, fonts, logo and images. 

update your website copy


Web developer /designer.
Put your brand and visual messages together in a clear website that connects. 

create a lead magnet

Lead magnet

Copywriter / Graphic designer.
Use your brand message to choose the perfect lead magnet that attracts clients. 

create email sequences

Email sequences

Create an email sequence to nurture your clients and grow your business.

write blogs


Copywriter /Editor.
Use your brand message to create blogs that will captivate your clients.

attract more clients

More clients!

You and your clients.
Now you've got a clear, consistent message that will help you grow your wellness business.  

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