How often should I post blogs?

How often should I blog is one of the most common questions I get asked.

And my most common answer? Depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your blog!

Woah, hold up a moment. Did I just say your blog might want to be achieving something? Yes. I did. 

What might you want your blog to achieve?

The kind of blog we’re talking about here is your business-blog. Not your personal one (the blog-blog). The difference?

A blog-blog is all about you, and you bring people in who identify and want to come along for your ride.

A business-blog is difference. It’s designed to achieve different things in your business.

Here are a few things you might want your blog to achieve:

  • Provide information to your tribe
  • Drive an action in your business (engage, purchase)
  • Improve SEO
  • Engage your tribe
  • Increase your KTL (Know, Trust, Like)
  • Establish you as an authority
  • Keep your email list engaged

What you want your blog to achieve determines (vaguely) how often to post blogs

Here’s a general rule of thumb

  • Improve SEO: Weekly, twice weekly
  • Maintain SEO:  Weekly, monthly
  • Drive an action: When you’ve got a product you want to highlight
  • Engage: Weekly, fortnightly
  • Keep your email list engaged: Depends on how often your people want to hear from you
  • Increase KTL: Weekly, fortnightly
  • Establish you as an authority: Depends on how often your people want to hear from you
  • Provide information to your tribe: Depends on where they are in their journey

What might influence the frequency of your blogs?

How often you blog may also be influenced by other things. For example how often people want to hear from you.

Fear of the too-often

Now, a word from the wise. What you think of as “too often” and your reader thinks of as “too often” may well be two completely different timelines. Think of this. Our biggest fear is to overwhelm and be annoying to our tribe. Meaning they unsubscribe or don’t engage with us. Their biggest fear is that they miss out on something that may help them on their wellness journey. Too often only becomes a problem if you’re not providing value.

Not enough hours in the week

Is another factor that may influence how often you blog. If you can’t make a commitment to blog every x days/weeks/months, then it’s better to find another way to achieve your goals.

For some, with big teams of writers behind them, daily or several times a week blogging can be done.

For others, monthly is really all you can manage.

The trick here is to a) commit b) be consistent c) show up.

So if you plan weekly. DO IT. And make sure that 90% of the time you keep it up too. 

So how often should you be blogging?

Enough to help you meet your goals

Enough that you can keep consistently to that schedule and NOT feel totally overwhelmed and frantic with trying to keep up. 

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