Talking points: How can I create clear, consistent messages that my clients listen to?

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You know those big brands that have those catchy messages? Like Nikes’ ‘Just do it’, Apples’ ‘Think differently’, or L’Oreal’s ‘Because you’re worth it’.

Have you noticed that everything they do or say, every image, video, social media post talks to that message?

As well as being their slogan, or tag line, they’re the main talking point of the business.

What are talking points?

  • Talking points are one of the ways we can create clear, consistent messages that our clients listen to. 
  • Talking points are the conversations we want to become known for.
  • Talking points are the conversations that are important to our clients.
  • Talking points are a set of clear, concise messages that we want our clients to recognise and remember. 

Why does my business need talking points?

Talking points are a great way to help keep you on track with your brand message.

If you’re like me, you get distracted by shiny new things (slightly magpie-like). It’s easy to go off-topic and start talking about things that aren’t directly related to your core business.

Clear, consistent messages are what your clients will come to recognise you for.

Getting distracted and talking about a wide range of issues makes it harder for your client to remember you for what you DO and how you can HELP. Talking points keep your messaging clear and consistent.

Talking points make it easier for you to know what to blog about or share on social media.

Talking points are a fantastic filter to use for any newsletter topic, blog or social media post. They’re an easy way to decide ‘should I post’? It may be cute and cuddly, but is the topic relevant to your business in some way?  

Talking points can be very broad. Here are some examples:

  • You deserve a clear plan
  • Life is for living not stressing
  • Movement makes you happy
  • Businesses work better together

How do you write talking points?

Before you get to your talking points, you need to be clear about your brand message. Not sure what a brand message is? Check out this post explaining what a brand message is.

Remember your talking points are those messages that you want your business to be known for. They should fit within your brand message, and explain a bit more about how you help your clients.

Try and write at most 3-4 talking points that fit under your brand message.

Talking point strategy 1.

Use the problem that people come to you to fix, and turn it into a positive statement

Example: Problem = you’re confused about what to eat. Talking point = You deserve to have a clear nutrition plan.

Talking point strategy 2.

Use the transformation that you help people achieve

Example: Life is for living not stressing.

Where to use your talking points?

Use your talking points to

  • Help you create blogs, newsletters and social media posts that reinforce your brand message
  • Create conversations in your email sequences
  • Show your client you really get where they’re coming from


During the COVID-19 outbreak you may choose 2-3 different messages that you want to talk to. Make sure they still fit in with your brand message, but they may be very much focused on issues your clients are experiencing right now. 

What next? Is it time to create a clear brand message?

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