Writing so people take action

“Persuasive copy” is words written to persuade the reader to do something. You can see how this would work well when writing words for your business. 

After all, you want them to read your blog, your website, your social media post, your poster … and do something. Take action. 

And that something, ideally will be an action that helps you earn some money.

Imagine … 

  • Having words that drive an action 
  • An action that helps your tribe engage with you
  • Who rave about your business
  • Which brings more to your tribe
  • Who are guided by you
  • To seek products and services that help them meet their goals
  • That enable you to earn money
  • To keep helping people
  • And watch your business grow
  • Which helps more people.

And it all starts with a) having a tribe and b) having the right words that drive an action.

The first step in writing persuasive copy

The first step in writing persuasive copy is for you to be clear about what action you want to drive. 

Your goal may be:
  • To have more people sign up to my online course (you could be specific and say how many people)
  • To have more people buy my protein powder (you could be specific and say how much revenue you want to get from these sales)
  • To have more people sign up to download my lead magnet (you could be specific and say how many, and how many you want to convert to your ultimate sales goal)
  • To have more likes on Facebook (you could be specific and say how many likes)

Whatever it is, you need a goal. Then you can build everything around that goal. 

Once you’ve identified your goals you can start persuading your tribe to take the actions that can help you achieve that goal.

That’s the last we’ll talk about you for a while. 

From this point on all the focus needs to be on who you’re persuading. Not you. 

The second step in writing persasive copy

The second step in writing persuasive copy is to identify who you’re trying to persuade. After all, you can’t persuade them if you don’t know them. So set yourself up as a super sleuth and find out all you can about them.

There are three great things that come out of having a unique profile of your tribe

  1. You know what their problems, goals and dreams are.
  2. You know the words they use to describe these problems, goals, and dreams. And how they describe where they are right now.
  3. You can see how best to guide them, and how this influences the language you use and the vehicles you use to guide them (social media, web, print etc).

Want to create a clear, super-stalker profile of your dream client? In the online course, 'Catch Your Dream Client', I team up with Kat Soper at The Helpful Academy to show you how to define your niche and learn all you can about your dream client. So you can use it to talk authentically and meaningfully to them. Increasing engagement and driving sales

Now what?

Once you know all this you can see how your business goals and your tribes problems, goals and dreams are aligned.

As long as they match, you can use this copy on social media posts, in blogs, on email and on your website to drive you tribe to take action!

Make sure your brand message focuses on this. Download your free copy of the Brand Message Toolkit.