Finding a niche for your business

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Many marketing experts and business coaches encourage businesses to ‘niche down’. 

But time and time again I see posts in my favourite social media groups from wellness professionals who have become stuck trying to find their niche.

Finally, I’ve gathered together all my thoughts on what niching your business is all about, why you should (and yes, it’s more than just a fancy marketing strategy) and more importantly HOW you niche your business successfully.

So, here’s a FB post I came across about niching. The wellness practitioner had been reading about marketing, and heard that it was good to niche your business. But, how was she supposed to niche when she really did like working with everyone?!

Let’s start with clearing up the basics …

What is a business niche?

A niche is (dictionary.com) a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing; a distinct segment of a market.

When talking about a niche in a health or wellness business, we’re usually talking about who you work with - your dream client or tribe.

Many health practitioners as they’re trying to grow their business JUST WANT CLIENTS!!! 

Yes, this was me when I opened my first clinic. I was a true generalist, having worked in most areas of nutrition over the years. I loved working with everyone. 

But it meant how I communicated and who I communicated with was a total splatter-effect!

Why should I choose a niche for my business?

Choosing a niche is more than just following along with the latest marketing trend.

Here are the main reasons why choosing a niche is a great way to grow your business and help more people …

  • If you know who you’re talking to (your niche), you can connect more clearly and easily with them
  • You’re clear about who you work best with, so you don’t waste precious time, effort and money chasing after the wrong people (especially if you use paid social media ads)
  • You attract more clients, grow your business and can help more people because you can communicate directly with problems, dreams and goals that interest them (it’s as if you’re in their head!)

The bottom line is that yes, choosing a niche is a business marketing strategy. BUT it also helps you by giving you confidence that you’re focusing on the people you want to help the most. And the ability to go and communicate clearly with them.

“If you talk to everyone If you try speaking to everyone, you end up speaking to no one” ~ Meredith Hill. 

How do you choose your niche?

“Everyone is not your customer” Seth Godin

If you love working with everyone, how do you choose your niche?

This is the most common mistake I see people make: they think they must niche on an individual.

  • 25-35 year old females
  • 65+ retired men
  • 17 year old college sport stars

But choosing your niche doesn’t need to focus on demographics. (age, sex, location). It could also focus on any number of psychographics … in other words, what goals, dreams, problems, needs, wants they have.

Examples of niches how to choose your niche

  • Demographic (age range, sex, location)
  • Where you work with them (online, in person, in a clinic, at a gym)
  • What conditions you work with (people with renal failure, fertility problems, diabetes)
  • What products you provide
  • Psychographic (What goals you help them achieve, what problems you solve, what needs you provide for)
  • Psychographic (What their hobbies are, what their values are)

Here are some examples of how to choose your niche

I run a clinic with 4 team members. Between us we see people with lots of different conditions and goals.

  • Think about the common factor that unites your clients? Regardless of their condition or goal, what are they wanting to achieve? 
  • It may be they all want to live life on their terms, to not be held back, to have more energy. Speak to this and it will apply to all your people.

 I want to start up my private practice. How do I choose my niche?

  • Who do you love helping? (young women who are feeling social pressure to look like IG posts)
  • Why are you drawn to this group? (I empathise with this group because I am one)
  • How can you solve their problems with the experience you have? (I focus on helping them love their body rather than compare it to others)
  • Is your niche HOW you help them solve their problems? (I specialise in taking a Health At Every Size approach)

I don’t want to miss out on clients just because my niche is too focused. What do I do?

  • Get super-clear on your niche and speak consistently clear information that is specific to them. (I talk to women with PCOS who want to get pregnant: I talk to business men who don't want to exercise in a competitive environment:)
  • Don’t worry about being too focused. Marketing can take time to build up momentum, but the more specific you can be (as long as you’ve researched your market and services/products) the more the right people will listen

Put it into practice.

Get started building a clear brand message that shouts out loud to your niche. Download my free brand message toolkit.

Take it one step further and build a unique profile of your dream client that you can use to lazer-target your social media, blog and digital marketing (and grow your business with less stress). 
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