5 essential elements that make a clear brand message

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A brand message is the message that communicates with your tribe what idea, goal or dream you can help them achieve.

It’s the bigger-picture, umbrella statement that shows the purpose of your business.

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To be clear and successful, your brand message needs to have these 5 essential elements

1. Be tribe-focused

We all like to hear about things that interest us, rather than things that interest the person we’re talking to. 

Am I right?! 

However much we love hearing about others, what really grabs our attention is when they say something we can relate to, or has direct application to what’s going on in our lives.

How many times have you clicked through to a website and all it talks about is the business? 

Go on, I dare you to go to your website and see how many times you start sentences with “I ...”! I work with, I help, I like, my passion ...

When you write your brand message, put your client first. What do they want, need, desire?

So, to make our brand message one that really grabs the interest of our customers, we need it to focus on THEM. Not us. 

2.Be clear about who you’re reaching out to

We also pay more attention when we know someone is talking to us.

Imagine having a conversation with someone who keeps looking over our right shoulder rather than at us. We don’t know whether they’re really talking to us or someone else.

If we’re clear about WHO we’re talking to in our brand message, they’re more likely to listen.

Being clear about who we’re trying to connect with means we have to be clear ourselves.

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3.Shows transformation

Some people are motivated by moving away from a problem. Others are more motivated by moving towards a goal. 

Either way, we usually have in our mind where we want to be when all the hard work has paid off.

We are motivated by this transformation. To feel confident. To be successful. To run 10km. To play with the kids without getting out of breath.

If someone tells us (in our language, in a real-life situation we can identify with) how our life is transformed ... we’ll listen!

One trick I use to find the transformation that my clients are looking for is to keep asking “so what” ... I want to help more people (so what), so I can fill my appointments (so what), so I can earn more money (so what), so I can pay my bills (so what), so I can feel financially free (so what), so I can give my kids the life I didn’t have. BOOM.

Think about what transformation you bring to your clients

I want to take control of my life (so what), so I don’t feel like I have to say ‘yes’ to everyone (so what), so I have time to spend doing the things I want to be doing (so what), so I can value myself. BOOM!

Brand messages that talk about the transformation you bring to your customers’ lives contain real power, especially when you get the right transformation.

Don’t over think the transformation. It may not be the exact same thing for all your clients, but if you get a scenario that they can empathise with it will contain the same amount of power to motivate them. 

4.Gives them a plan

If you tell people what to do, they generally will do it. If you don’t tell them what to do next, they’ll likely wander off on their own little tangent that takes them away from where you want them to be.

Here’s an example. (True story) I was looking to join a women’s networking group. 

I saw a post in a local FB group for a free visit day. I went along and met people. Thought it would be good to join and headed home to check out the information on the website. No where on the website could I find a) price and b) how to join. Seriously. I could find a TON of information, but no where was there an obvious (or even sneaky) subscribe now, join now, email us for details. Nada, zilch, zip. Nothing. I didn’t join. I tell this story frequently. They lost my money.

A clear, successful brand message tells people HOW you help them (diet, coaching, yoga, pilates) – you show them the plan. They know what to expect. They know what to do next.

The other side of this is that by giving them a plan you get to connect with people who are looking for the transformation and now know what to expect from you. 

So if they’re looking for Pilates, and you offer Yoga ... they know! Now, they may be willing to try Pilates, or they may go somewhere else to look for Yoga. Either way, you’re getting people into your tribe who are fully aware of what to expect. They’re not turning up for Yoga and are surprised when they get Pilates. 

5.Touches on what may happen if they don’t connect with you

It’s important to use a touch of negativity to help motivate people. Donald Miller in his book Building a StoryBrand uses the salt in bread analogy. To make bread you need to use a touch of salt. Too much and you ruin the dough, too little and you ruin the dough.

Just a touch of what life may be like if they don’t achieve their goals or get that transformation can help remind people why they need to take the final action (call you, book an appointment, buy now, shop now).

But only a small bit of pain.

It may be reminding people that things will stay the same. They will stay confused, overwhelmed or frustrated.

But you’ve already shown them that there’s another outcome, another transformation you can help them achieve. 

Putting together the elements of a clear brand message

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