How can I improve my website?

What to do when your website doesn’t feel like you.

Have you ever just sat there and thought, “My website just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like me”?

Many of my clients tell me this is exactly what they were thinking when they decided to reach out for help. 

Here are some things to think about when trying to put your finger on why it doesn’t feel like you. And three suggestions to help improve your website. 

Spoiler alert - Your website isn’t about you

The first thing to remember is that your website isn’t about you it’s actually about your clients. 

Even so, it should be something you’re proud to share, is accurate and on-brand so that when they come and see you in person, they won’t get a shock! 

So, to work out why it doesn’t feel like you, you need to know what your clients need to know before they engage with you. 

That’s why I start every project with a detailed client profile. You can read more about client profiles over at this blog.

What is your website helping you to achieve?

The second thing to remember is that your website has a specific purpose. Do you know what it is? Is it to promote your services? Get people to book a call? Give information? 

Your website has a very specific purpose in your business strategy to help you achieve your business goals.  

If you’re not sure about your business goals or steps you need to take to achieve them, I recommend working with a business coach before we get started on your website. 

Here are some business coaches I recommend working with 
Kat Soper at The Helpful Academy
Sarah at Sweet Spot Business Coaching
Ann Gibbart at Oxygen8 Consulting

Once you’re clear on what your website needs to be doing in your business, it’s easier to improve your website.

Three things you can do to improve your website and make it feel more like you


Your website needs to feel like you but say the things your clients want/need to hear. 

If you use the words they use, it creates more connection with your clients. 

You’ll find your clients saying things like “It sounds like you’re in my head” and “you get me.”

It’s easier for your clients to understand if you use the words that are floating around their heads. They have to use less brain energy trying to work out if you can help them


The tone of voice is what makes it ‘feel’ like you. It’s the feeling that your words create. 

Start by getting clear on your brand values - think about the words that describe your business.

What words do people use when they talk about you? How do you want to leave your clients feeling when they’ve worked with you? Choose the three main ones. Use words and images that help convey these emotions. 

Next, think about how you sound in real life. 

I never recommend using swear words on your website. Google doesn’t like it, but more importantly, your clients may not like it too. If using swear words turns away more clients that it brings in. Don’t. Do. It. 

Think about how you describe things to your clients. What metaphors do you use? Chatty language connects better than formal. And writing in the first person (I, me, we) always sounds more like you. Read your copy out loud and see how it feels. 


Does the visual design - colours, fonts, images- reflect the tone of voice? 

Imagine a website for a sleep specialist. The words are calming and supportive, but the design is grey and bright red. Clash! 

Imagine a powerlifting gym. The colours are pastel and white, but the words are powerful and strong. 

This mismatch is felt by you and your clients and contributes to your website not feeling like you. 

Take the first steps to improve your website

Do something about it - if you don’t, you’re left with a website that you won’t want to tell people about. You won’t get traffic to your website, and growing your business will be more difficult

Go speak to someone - it might be a website copywriter (hi!) who can help you pick out what’s not sitting right with you. I offer a free 30-minute callto anyone who wants to hang out for a cuppa and help them get some clarity about what’s not feeling right.  

Try and be specific about what needs improving - is it the words, the design, or the flow of information? All of the above? This definitely helps your web developer or copywriter fix the problem. 

Concerned that your website needs to be improved? But not sure where to start?

Book a 30-minute free call, and let’s talk it over.

Check out my website copywriting packages.