Should I have prices on my website?

Should I have prices on my website picture

One question that comes up time and time again is “Should I have prices on my website?”

And for me, the answer is 99.99% of the time … YES. Indeed, you should have your prices listed on your website.

Now, you can leave it at that and go put your prices on your website, but you could read on and find out WHY and more importantly HOW you should put your prices on your website. 

Why should you put prices on your website?

The ‘why’ is quite simple. One goal of your website is to address the barriers that your tribe may have for engaging with you.

And price is perhaps one of the biggest barriers our tribe has when it comes to paying us for our products or services.

Imagine you’re flicking between several websites (as, I can guarantee you, your tribe is doing when they come across you). You narrow your search down to two websites who look like they can help you solve your problem. They both talk your language, express empathy and show authority. They know what they’re doing. BUT. One shows prices and one doesn’t. Are you really going to spend time on booking a call, exploring further to see if you can work out or get the price of the services that isn’t listing their price. Or will you just save time and go with the one who is?

My bet is that you go with the one who’s showing their price. As most of your tribe will do too.

So show the price. Weed out the tyre-kickers. Don’t make NOT showing price a barrier. 

And this is how you should put the price on your website

Okay, so you could just throw the price on there. But a price doesn’t tell us much without context.

What you’re really selling is a transformation. A life changing experience. A new way to live. Can you put a price on this? Yes, you can. But you need to tell your tribe what they’re getting for the price.

Here’s how to put your prices on your website

  • Start with a headline title that speaks of the transformation they’ll achieve
  • Follow it up with some details about what the transformation looks like in their life
  • Give them some social proof (testimonials or quotes from you) that it really does work
  • Show your authority (remind them that you do know what you’re talking about)
  • Give the details about what exactly it is that they get
  • Remind them of what the transformation looks like in their life
  • Call them to book now, buy now, book a call
  • Show them the price
  • And again call them to book now, buy now, book a call
  • And end with a testimonial, quote or reminder of the transformation

Prices on your website

Is all about

  • Removing or addressing barriers of why your tribe may not engage with you
  • Showing the value in the products or services you provide
  • Speaking to the transformation that these products or services help them achieve
  • Making any price seem worth it

No prices on your website

  • Can help to create urgency
  • Make sure your tribe are 100% ready to work with you
  • Filter out people who aren’t ready to work with you
  • Keep your list exclusive

Should you put prices on your website?

Do you put your prices on your website?

Make sure you can justify to yourself why you do, and why you don’t. The rest is up to you!