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Using these simple tricks I'll show you how to make choosing blog topics a breeze.

I don't know about you, but one of my major blocks around writing blogs is usually finding the right topic to write about. 

Sometimes the ideas come flowing, but other times I'm just stuck.

So here are the hacks I use to help come up with great blog topics that really connect with my clients (hi!).  

Hack #1 What are people saying?

The first place I look for blog topics are in Facebook groups, on my Facebook page or on others pages. 

Questions or comments that come up here are a great way to work out what's bothering people and what I might have a good answer for.  

Sometimes looking at social media posts that get lots of engagement shows topics that people are interested in hearing about.

Hack #2 What I want to promote

By having a blogging calendar I can plan my main blogs.  This helps me develop topics around products or services that will help my clients.  

A little bit of time spent aligning blogs with products and services means that I have great things to talk about that address the needs of my clients.  

Hack #3 What's hot on Google?

Here's a great hack to find blog topics.  

Open an incognito window in Google (three vertical dots on top right of the search bar).  Click on the home button and in the search window start typing your general topic. 

But don't press enter (yet).  

See what Google brings up in auto fill.  Those are the top topics that people are searching on that topic on Google right now.  So if your blog answers that question - bingo, you’re on to a winner.  

Hack #4 Other great Google blog hacks

Now press enter and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

At the bottom of the page see what other topics Google lists.  You'll find some extra topics listed right there.  

Another great Google hack is to check out Google Trends Google Trends shows you what people are looking for in your area. You can see what's trending, look at insights or look for specific trends on search terms or topics. Giving you **Hot topic** ideas of what to blog about ... AND when in the year to blog about them to get maximum impact!

Go write great blogs

As I mentioned above, having a blog calendar is a great way to plan what you'll be blogging about.  

I find planning ahead means I've time to think about how to link products, services and events with blogs - making them of more value to my clients.  

You can find a copy of my blog calendar along with other great blog-planning resources in the units of The Confident Business Blogger (Brought to you by Words for Wellness) Facebook Group, or supersize your blogging impact by taking The Confident Business Blogger online course

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