How do you convince someone to buy online?

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You know your product or service has so much value … but how do you make people listen, see the value in their life and convince them to buy your product or service?

Well, isn’t that just the 64 million dollar question?!

If your people listen they’re more likely to buy from you. And convincing someone to buy (without being pushy) is how we help more people, grow our business and earn more money to go do things we want to do!

“Communication is at the heart of e-commerce and community” Meg Whitman (Hewlett-Packard former CEO)

There are three main ways to convince people and help them see your products value and buy online. 

First, show them they're not alone. 

People do what other people do. Yes, even those of us who are Little Miss Independent, are more likely to take action if other people are doing it. How do you show them on your e-comm site that they're not alone?

  • Social proof - show them with testimonials and reviews that other people are buying your products.
  • If you've got the numbers, say things like "95% of buyers returned to buy more of this product" when you're showing your best-selling products on your home page. 

Next, show them the action you want them to take is normal. 

Okay, so this one sounds weird, but persuasion research has shown us most people do something because it's considered the normal thing to do. 

And if we don't the socially acceptable thing the majority of us feel uncomfortable and anxious. So we do what we need to do to avoid feeling anxious. How do you show them the action is normal?

  • Show pictures of people in real life enjoying your products.
  • Have videos of people using your products. 
  • Have testimonials that show your product being used in real-life situations
  • Link the words on your website, sales pages and product to perceived normal behaviours, and how your products support this.

Finally, (but most importantly) build your tribe. 

Communication is all about knowing your customers - stalk them mercilessly to know all about them, how you can help solve their problems, what language they use to talk about this problem and its solution, and how they feel about all this! How do I build my tribe?

Read this blog about why building a tribe is an effective, sustainable business model

If you want even more value, grab a copy of the book 'Tribes' by Seth Godin. Available on Kindle and hard copy, I read this book at least once a year because it's packed with wisdom and value. 

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