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Email newsletter content ideas. A woman surrounded by books, looking over the top of a book

You’ve started gathering email addresses. Now what? 

Sending people your email newsletter is the next step in helping them get to know you better, add value to your relationship with them and encourage them to take action in your business.

When you’re just getting started with a newsletter, having a good idea of what you’ll send as your regular newsletter (or broadsheet) emails can take the pressure off having to come up with content ideas on the spot. 

So, here's 3-months worth of great content ideas for your email newsletters.

Before we get started with content ideas

It’s good to sit down and think about what value these emails are going to bring to your tribe. 

Start by thinking about where these emails sit in their customer journey. 

Each different group might expect different content depending on their experience with you. If someone signed up for a lead magnet on yoga stretches then sending them emails on how to paint your toenails might not be the right choice. 

3 months-worth of great email content ideas

  1. Recent blog content. Give them a short paragraph including the take-home message and point them to your blog. In fact, many email platforms are set up so you can automatically populate emails with your RSS blog post feed. So you can set this email to run monthly without doing anything except write and post your blog. 
  2. What social media post performed best that week, and what comments did you get? Share the post, and summarise the comments. Ask for their opinion. 
  3. What’s in the news? Has something relevant to your business or your customers happened in the past week? Maybe it’s a new research study, celebrity promoted issue or social event. Can you comment or offer assistance?
  4. Case study. Ask a client if you can use them as a case study to highlight the transformation you can bring.
  5. What you’re reading. Share useful resources, information, blogs or books. But make sure they don’t cross-over services with you!
  6. Ask a question, send a poll or survey. Customer research can give you so much information for content and products/services. And the best way to see what your tribe wants is to ask. But make sure it’s a quick question or two. 
  7. Blog. Condense your last blog into 500 words max and use it as a longer form email.
  8. Share something. A recipe, an exercise, a tip. 
  9. Give them a free download or resource that they don’t need to sign up again for.
  10. Have a guest interview.
  11. Answer a question.
  12. Share some news.

What else could I send my email list?

Don’t forget that the reason why you’re building an email list is to engage with your tribe and have them take action to engage with you. 

Make sure you schedule in regular service/product promotion sequences. These may be according to events in the calendar such as Mothers Day or Thanksgiving or depending on when people are more likely to need your services (New Year or summer break). 

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