How a clear brand message can help you launch a new product or service

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to launch a new product or service?

So many of my clients tell me how hard it seems to get the message out about their new products or services. “I can help them but people just aren’t listening!” they say.

“What if the problem wasn’t the product. What if the problem was the way we talked about product.” 

Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand

Having a clear message behind your new product or service can make your launch easier.

You can relax knowing that you’ve created something that your tribe want. You’ve got the message clear and ready to shout out loud about on social media, blogs, press releases, email newsletters, podcasts, videos … It’s almost as if you had a clear communication campaign!

Often when I talk about a ‘brand message’ I’m talking about the over-arching message that is behind your business. But you can also create individual messages behind each of your products and services.

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A clear and successful brand message should have 5 essential elements.

  • It’s focused on your tribe (not you)
  • It’s clear about who it’s talking to
  • It highlights the transformation you can bring to your clients
  • It gives them an action plan
  • It reminds them of what might happen if they don’t connect with you

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So, what do you do with the brand message you’ve created specifically for your new product or service?

Creating a successful launch communication campaign

A communication campaign is what you create to get this message out there to your customers and clients.

  • Email
  • Social media posts
  • Social media adverts
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Press releases

That’s 7 different ways to spread this message that you’ve created. 

Seven spaces that your clients will hear a consistent and clear message. And it’s seeing this clear message repeated over many different platforms that make the message stick.

Add a value-stack to your brand message

Facts don’t sell. Feelings do.

Think of it. 

You’re looking for a new moisturiser. You may have a checklist of what you’re looking for, but the real reason you’re looking is that you want a new moisturiser to achieve something that your old one isn’t. And more than likely it’s not hitting the mark with reducing wrinkles or fine lines or giving you glowing bright skin. And how would having less wrinkles and fine lines and brighter more youthful skin make you feel? Confident. Happy. Relaxed. Perky!

Imagine seeing two adverts. One focuses on happy, relaxed and perky. The other gives you a list of 30% reduction in fine lines, 30% reduction in wrinkles, contains blah blah essential oil, doesn’t contain blah blah chemical.

I can guess pretty accurately that most of you will be drawn firstly to the happy, relaxed and perky product.

Once you’ve made that connection, and appealed to the emotion THEN you get given the opportunity to give them the facts. 

After you’ve created your brand message, write two lists. In the first, list the emotional value that people get out of this product or service (the transformation or successes). In the second, list the ‘thing’ value they get (features).

Create a story that focuses on the emotional value of your new product or service first. 

Now build a successful launch for your new product or services

  1. Start with your new product or service brand message.
  2. Create the story of this new product or service. Focus on the emotional value first, then the ‘things’ value (what you actually get).
  3. Repeat this story across all your media and communication channels.
  4. Repeat several times!

Many communication plans run from a couple of weeks (for an engaged tribe) to a number of months (if you’ve got new people coming into your tribe.

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