How to use Know Trust and Like to get more clients

People do business with those they know, like and trust. It makes sense. You’re not going to hand over time, money and your health to someone you don’t know, like or trust!

Okay, so I think we all get that more clients and customers is generally a good thing. It may be that a more steady flow of clients into our business helps, or it may just be getting in front of more people. 

And there are 1 million ways to get more clients. 

But what most of them are founded on is the principle of Know, Like and Trust.

Let’s break down Know, Like and Trust and find out how we can use it.

If we don’t know about you, how can we do business with you?

Getting known means getting out there. After all, there’s no point in being a secret. That won’t bring more clients to your business. 

Getting known by your dream clients means showing up where they are, and showing up with a consistent message.

Need help getting known?
Create a really clear client profile so you know all you can about them, and where you can hang out to get to know them. Read this blog about creating client profiles to find out how.

Make sure you’ve got a consistent message that connects with your clients. Talking points are those messages you want to be known for. They’re the conversations that your clients hear and think of you. Read this blog about how to create talking points and get known for a consistent message.

You’re not going to do business with someone you don’t like.

I mean, really. Are you? So, how do you make someone like you? It’s what our mums’ said on the first day of school. “Just be yourself”. 

Authenticity goes a long way to help people like you. 

Be real, be you, be nice and be available. 

You’re the leader of your tribe, and the best leaders lead by inclusion, empathy and empowerment. 

Need help showing how likable you are?
Being clear about how we connect and interact with others is super important when it comes to showing how likable you are. Read this blog about how a clear message can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Who do you trust?

Trust is easy to lose and hard to gain. Trust is the foundation for people taking action with you - signing up for a freebie, giving you their money, telling others about you. 

You see the effects of lack of trust everywhere at the moment. Why aren’t people following health guidelines? They don’t trust the government. Why do people do what influencers tell them to do? Because they trust them.

How to build trust
To be trusted, you need to first trust yourself and the message you’re spreading. To value what you’re doing. Read this blog about building a values-based business. 

Giving social proof of how you’ve helped people also builds trust. Read this blog about how to get testimonials that help demonstrate trust.

Now it’s your turn to build Know, Trust & Like

What are you doing to actively help people know, trust and like you? 

Connecting with authenticity and helping people know, trust and like you starts with getting a clear message to spread. 

Create a clear brand message is my free toolkit that helps you develop this message further. Giving you the confidence to go out and SHOUT OUT LOUD about your business. 
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