How clarifying your message reduces your business stress

Clarity = stress reduction. How clarifying your message reduces your business stress

Where does stress come from in your business?

Running your own small business can be incredibly flexible and empowering. However … it can also be one of the most stressful things you can ever do!

When you started your business, did you realise you’d be your own boss, HR manager, receptionist, marketing manager, bookkeeper, stock manager or PR manager?! 

Throw covid into the mix, and there are many places where stress can enter your business. 

As a copywriter and brand message specialist, obviously, the place I help my clients is to reduce stress around communications and marketing. 

Time and time again, I see the relief that comes with being clear about WHAT your business does, WHO your business helps and the SUCCESSES your clients experience. 

Only this week, a client emailed me to say, “What you’ve done is beautifully cut through all the noise and give me the messaging I need!”

What is a business message?

A business message is a message that your business wants to communicate to your tribe. It’s a statement of purpose that ties your marketing, adverts, graphic design, website … everything together.

The consequences of not having a clear business message

On the other hand, not having a business message or having one that’s not crystal clear can really harm your ability to attract clients.

  • You’re confused about what you do, and that causes stress
  • You’re less likely to talk about what you do because you can’t put it into words (clearly)
  • You spend too much time creating social media content or blogs because you’re not clear on the message you’re spreading
  • You create packages and services that aren’t focused on providing a solution to your client’s problems. 

How does clarifying your message reduce business stress?

  • You can clearly identify and connect with your audience - because you know who your clients are.
  • You can convey a compelling message to your audience because you know the transformation it brings to their lives and aren’t afraid to speak compassionately about it. 
  • When you put your clear message onto your website, you can feel proud and confident that it’s connecting with the right people (and you don’t cringe when giving out your website address!)